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Does all the heavy lifting due to Lazy Business Partner.



WDM March 2016 Edition

Chloe and I are published in the latest edition, March 2016, of the (WDM) Women of Distinction Magazine. We are very proud of our efforts, and this motivates us to keep working hard and putting ourselves out there. (Shhh... Chloe doesn't know that she will now have to pull her own weight instead of just keeping my feet warm.)


I am a mother, wife, sister, aunt, teacher, and crazy business owner. I am far from perfect and those closest to me will attest to this, nor do I want to be perfect, what fun would that be if I had it all figured out? I was faced with an opportunity to throw caution to the wind. My husband was promoted to management with CSX Transportation and has steadily been promoted ever since. Railroad wives understand that with railroad promotions come packing up the family and moving to a new city and state with little to no notice. This opportunity allows me to bring my business and my clients with me where ever we move next and have a flexible schedule to be all up in my son's business.


Our son is 11 and has Asperger’s. He is an amazing brilliant young man and I want to savor every moment I have left with him while he still thinks it’s ok to hang out with mom in public. I want to be able to contribute to my family in more ways than one. I don’t want to be solely known as mom. I want my son to see that I am also a hard worker and have a passion for my design and career. I want to be a stay at home mom, but change the definition from the norm. A stay at home mom is no joke and is the most challenging and rewarding job I have had or will ever have. My hat is off to all the stay at home moms in the world!


Hi, I am Meghan, owner and graphic designer of Silver Lace Graphics LLC. I have been in the graphics industry for over 15 years and have utilized my design skills in many different functions and capacities. I worked for Sony DADC for over 10 years as a production graphic artist. I am married to a crazy, hard headed, hard working railroad man, who sacrifices his freedom so we can pursue our dreams. I couldn’t ask for a better teammate. Even though, I swear I could choke him sometimes I don’t know what I would do without his unique type of support and encouragement. One amazing  11-year-old boy who is witty, selfless, and sounds like a herd of elephants that will come crashing through the ceiling at any time, and one lazy business partner, a chunky bulldog, whom without my emotional well being would be a hot mess.


Silver Lace Graphics, LLC opened in 2014. I began my career in design right after high school. I have had a love of magazines my entire life, there were always a collection of magazines lying around ranging from Playboy, Teen Magazine, Highlights, Ranger Rick, and National Geographic. The creation of those magazines is what led me to study graphic design in college. I freelanced, during my college years, gaining practical experience and confidence graduating with a (BFA) Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design and a Minor in Art History in 2001 from Indiana State University. I am currently pursuing my (MBA/MSM) Masters of Business Administration/Masters of Science Management to better understand how to properly run my business for me and my clients. I will complete my dual degree in the summer of 2017 from Indiana Tech.


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