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A Profession on the Rise - As many as one-third of workers in the United States work independently


Freelancers are at the center of a huge shift in the workforce that has finally reached critical mass and it's amazing news for freelancers. Freelancers exist in all kinds of professions: the media, entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, real estate, non-profit, and more.  A freelancer is a different kind of worker from the typical definition we all know from the dawn of business. 


Indiana Freelance Graphic Design Firm


Freelancing is a fluid work medium that rewards nimbleness and flexibility. When asking a freelancer about their work, almost always they will describe several different tasks that they are responsible for not only on a daily basis but a weekly and monthly basis: creative director, graphic designer, human resources manager, (IT) information technology specialist, sales department, billing department, janitorial department, secretarial duties, and overall juggler of odds and ends that happen in between. Finally, we are in the position to participate as major players as our nation requires new ways to prosper in a technology-driven world economy. Employers rely more and more on independent workers to sustain and grow their businesses.



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